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Two cats and a roe

Virs as a wizard. cat wizard.

or I guess you could say a


Commission for Angelina_Shen @ FA

please do not use without the commissioner’s permission.

now a meow

More of this guy

The botanist of Vylk

…they don’t have a name yet (´・ω・`)

The second part of the collaboration between Raika and myself. This time he sketched while I inked and colored. This is his character Solina, who isn’t exactly pleased with being a Christmas elf.

A collaboration between Raika and I! I did the sketch and he inked and colored. We decided on a Christmas theme and I drew our two characters (both named Noah) exchanging gifts. The cute gal belongs to him and the weird dogboy is mine.

Thanks again for collaborating with me, Raika! UuU

Just a rendering technique test with Goomy.

turned Lawrence into a quagga

Plush Soldier

Ifrit: Lord of the Inferno


my current Poketeam. going into the elite four and i still haven’t decided on my 6th member…

Pendragon ♂Delphox — Hanji ♀Gogoat —- Éclair ♂Sylveon —- Kingston ♂Lucario (yeah i kept him) —- Candy ♀Goodra.


buncha white backgrounds