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I just really love Venusaur okay.

My favorite Pokemon basically changes with the week and right now it’s Venusaur. I never really liked him until recently for some reason. He just kinda grew on me over the years.

I kinda want to start a new LeafGreen game and pick another Bulbasaur and name it Frou-Frou. Am I the only one who SOMEHOW misheard the Venusaur nicknamed “Brute-Root” in Pokemon: the First Movie as “Frou-Frou”? pfff, but I thought it was a great contrast that such a warty, nasty badass like Venusaur was called something as cute and docile-sounding as “Frou-Frou”. :’D

/rambles. So yes, messy sketches of love for everyone’s favorite frog-dinosaur-rafflesia-monsterthing!