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Okay these are actually really shitty but it’s late and I just wanted to doodle the ADORBZZZ new Alpaca (llama?) chick (guy?) character from Animal Crossing 3DS(Tobidase?!). Not sure if they are wearing a dress or overalls but UWAAA SUCHA QT.

And Buck. Because he moved into my town recently.

I’m gonna ramble about AC3DS now. I’m really excited about it and glad they’re adding a ton of new features. Hopefully I won’t get bored of it after a while now that they have that new Mayor job thing? I know it’s sort of defeating the purpose of a relaxed game like AC, but I really need some sort of goal other than paying off my mortgage or interior decorating to keep me coming back after extended breaks. SPEAKING OF THAT, you think as mayor maybe we can hire some gardeners because i think it would be super nice to be able to take breaks from playing and not have come back to my town completely devistated by weeds. u_u What I really wish for most of all though is just more than 6 personality types. And perhaps more dialogue scripts and engaging conversations? Or perhaps that’s not a good thing to have, because I think I’d give up on real-life all together then…

Oh wait what am I doing this isn’t my personal blog WHOOPS.